Here at Triple Tree Media, we offer a wide variety of drone footage services across a range of industries.

All of our packages and services come with the full works from a pre-flight survey to fully edited footage.

Whether you’re interested in our services to promote your business or to remember a special occasion, there is nothing quite as spectacular as aerial drone footage.

Our drone services include but are not limited to:


  • Commercial use

  • Property/Surveying

  • Construction/Industrial

  • Photography

  • Events & Hospitality

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our aerial flight process



Each flight is unique. That means in order to carry out a successful flight we carry out the following as standard during our pre-flight planning.

  • Research any air space restrictions in the desired filming location

  • Risk assessments to determine flight safety

  • Flight planning form

  • Site assessment



We will only be able to provide drone services if the weather is satisfactory on the day of the shoot. Due to the nature of the filming process we are restricted to the types of weather we can operate in. We are unable to use the drone in the following conditions:

  • Rain

  • Above 400ft

  • Wind above 20mph

We will monitor the weather forecast in the week building up to the shoot and will make a decision whether or not we can go ahead 48 hours before.