TripleTree Media Ltd Terms and Conditions




Initial Survey, Deposit and Booking


Aerial drone services are regularly affected by the weather. Due to this TripleTree Media Ltd have a flexible and fair approach to carrying out client work. If we are dealt with high winds or rain we cannot safely operate the drone.


What We Need From You


We need the location of the shoot with an accurate as possible description. We also need a proposed date and a brief containing as much background information as possible on what you’d like us to do for you. There is an online form to fill out in order to provide the information needed.


Site Survey


After the first point of contact and the passing on of information we can then do an offsite online site survey to firstly determine whether or not the drone service is possible and if there are any other factors such as flight restrictions or permissions that need to be considered.

In larger productions drone services may only be a small part of an overall production, however to make sure TripleTree Media comply with the terms of our CAA license we need to complete our pre-flight survey regardless. This may well involve a physical site visit.


Booking & Deposit


After a positive site survey TripleTree Media Ltd will send you a quote providing a brief of the shoot, provisional dates and overall cost.

If the client is happy with the provided quote, we may have to arrange a physical site visit to discuss any other arrangements. This decision will be based on factors such as site location and possible factors raised during the off-site survey.

We operate a booking system with a set date once agreed when we have received a 25% deposit.




We monitor the weather forecast 5 days in advance of the shoot. We will contact the client if the forecast is not favourable 48 hours before. 

It’s at this point we will reschedule the shoot to a different date with no additional cost to the client.